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The Connecticut Department of Public Health Asthma Program has revised the manual Managing Asthma in Connecticut Child Care Facilities. 
The intent of this Childcare Provider Manual is to provide resources and guidance for programs that care for children in their pre-school years.


               The resource guide provides information on training opportunities for child care {daycare} professionals.  One of the sessions being offered is Managing Asthma in the Child Care Setting, a 3 hour workshop provided by a registered nurse trained by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America.  This workshop will help child care providers learn how to manage a child with asthma in their facility. If you are interested in arranging a program for your association, please contact Sharon Schumack, Health Education Coordinator for AAFA/NE toll free at 1-877-2-ASTHMA or by e-mail: aafane@aol.com.
For more detailed information, call Healthy Child Care Connecticut toll free at 1-888-608-7830.


{aisforasthma} A is For Asthma (American Lung Association):     A preschool educational program designed for childcare professionals in English and Spanish. It was developed by Children's Television Workshop and funded by the Prudential Foundation for the American Lung Association. The fully bi-lingual package includes: a 15-minute video, a Caregiver Guide to share with other adults in your childcare program and a poster that reinforces the video's important messages. To order, please call the American Lung Association of Connecticut at (860) 289-5401 or the national number at 1-800-LUNG USA. The cost is $25, including shipping and handling.


DayCare Trainings:

State of California, Day Care Provider Asthma Education Curriculum.

                  How do I know if my child should go to daycare                  

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