DPH: Asthma Advocay

 Advocacy & Guidelines
                                  ASTHMA ADVISORY COUNCIL

In October 2003 the Asthma Advisory Council (AAC) was established. The Asthma Advisory Council consist of members who were selected based upon the following criteria:

  • Former member of the Asthma Task Force
  • Representation from each of the Asthma Workgroups: clinical management, public education, professional education, and environmental
  • Statewide geographic representation
  • Diversity {policy}
  • Expertise in some aspect of asthma
The role and responsibility of the council consists of:

  1. Members work together in the implementation and the evaluation process of the statewide plan.
  2. Members serve for one-year terms with potential for reappointment.
  3. Council meetings are held on a quarterly basis
  4. AAC members may lobby for asthma related legislative proposals. Although state employees cannot lobby, we can provide facts and surveillance data.
  5. At times the AAC may decide to hold an additional meeting to work on a specific project
  6. Provide the Evaluation Team with input or assist the Team
The Asthma Advisory Council has the capacity to review, develop and reccommend policies that can improve the live of people with asthma through systems change. The DPH Asthma Program provides facts based on most current data and best practices standards of care to assist the council.





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