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The open enrollment period for the Connecticut WIC Program vendor authorization is now closed. When another opportunity is offered, the information will be posted here.

Please note that WIC vendor authorization cannot be transferred from one owner to another.  Thank you for your interest in the Connecticut WIC Program.


For a list of currently Authorized Vendors, click on the following link: 

Authorized Vendors-Oct 2014 


Please note that this information is updated as of the 1st day of each month; to ask about a specific store, please contact the State WIC office at (860) 509-8084.   


Training Documents:

Click here for the Open Enrollment Training

Click here for the Open Enrollment Training-Spanish


Frequently Asked Questions:

Click here for the Retailer Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for the Retailer Frequently Asked Questions-Spanish


WIC Vendor Agreement: 

Click here for the WIC Vendor Agreement.pdf  


WIC Program Regulations:

Click here for the WIC Program Regulations-7CFR246.pdf


WIC Approved Food List:

Click here for the WIC Approved Food List


WIC Vendor Advisory Council (WVAC):

The Connecticut Department of Public Health WIC Program established a WIC Vendor Advisory Council in January 2007. This group serves as a communication forum between WIC authorized retail stores, professional trade organizations, food distributors, WIC local agencies and the State WIC Office. The input from this Council assists the WIC Program in developing effective policies and procedures for vendors based on current and future Federal and State Regulations.

Click on the following link for the member list: WIC Vendor Advisory Council (WVAC) Member List

As respected members of the WIC vendor community, we are seeking additional vendors and participants to join this Council where your perspectives, expertise and suggestions will be valued. Meetings are held quarterly, typically in Newington, Connecticut. Agenda items are always welcome and can be emailed at any time.


State of Connecticut WIC Program

1-800-741-2142 or (860) 509-8084


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