DPH: Infectious Disease Reporting

Infectious Disease Reporting


Under Sections 19a-36-A3 and 19a-36-A4 of the Public Health Code and Sections 19a-2a and 19a-215 of the Connecticut General Statutes, diseases on the annual lists of reportable diseases and laboratory reportable significant findings are required to be reported to the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Local Health Director of the town in which the patient resides. The lists of reportable diseases and laboratory reportable significant findings are revised annually.

Health care providers must use the Reportable Disease Confidential Case Report Form PD-23 or other written format approved by the DPH to report any diseases found on the current Reportable Diseases List. The director of a clinical laboratory must report laboratory evidence suggestive of reportable diseases using the Laboratory Report of Significant Findings Form OL-15C or other written or electronic format approved by the DPH.

Written reports must be mailed in envelopes marked “Confidential” or faxed to the DPH at 860-509-7910. Reports in electronic format require special arrangements to assure accurate transfer of information and protect patient confidentiality. Disease findings can also be called in to the office at 860-509-7994.


To report Category 1 diseases (those that require immediate public health response) after hours, on weekends and holidays, please call 860-509-8000 to reach an epidemiologist.


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