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2011 Connecticut Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) Hospital-specific Report


In 2006, the Connecticut legislature established the Committee on Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) and charged it with advising the Connecticut Department of Health (DPH) with respect to the development, implementation, operation, and monitoring of a mandatory reporting system for HAIs in Connecticut. The committee was also instructed to recommend to the DPH appropriate methods for increasing public awareness about effective measures to reduce the spread of infections in communities, hospitals, and other healthcare settings. (Connecticut General Statutes, Section 19a-490, n-o; Public Act No. 10-117).

The DPH HAIs Program administers the HAIs reporting initiative. The goals of the HAIs Program are:

  • To promote patient safety and improve health outcomes by reducing the risk of HAIs.
  • To develop a meaningful and valid hospital associated infection reporting system to healthcare providers and the public.
  • To utilize the information collected to encourage and support efforts to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with healthcare associated infections.
  • To sponsor statewide HAI educational campaigns and support local efforts.
On November 19th, the Connecticut Department of Public Health’s, Healthcare Associated Infections Program, hosted a HAIs Stakeholder's Conference. It was the first step in a year-long HAIs state planning process. This first conference aimed to engage the full range of healthcare system sectors and participants, and share information that will form the basis for the next daylong conference, the Planning Conference, which will be held in March 2011. 

The conference was FREE to attend. It was held at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, CT, in the Adanti Student Center’s Ballroom. Please see the registration flyer and agenda for additional information on the conference.


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