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The mission of the Immunization Program is to prevent disease, disability and death from vaccine-preventable diseases in infants, children, adolescents and adults through surveillance, case investigation and control, monitoring of immunization levels, provision of vaccine, and professional and public education.


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Me and My Family                                                    Health Care Provider

Public Information                                   

Fact sheets, where to find vaccine records, immunization schedules, what you need
to  know, additional resources 






Connecticut Vaccine Program (CVP) Providers

Blue folder, enrollment forms: provider profile
and agreement forms; vaccine order form, transfer and return forms, administration and patient eligibility, restitution policy, storage and handling guides including temperature charts, FAQs, communication memos and letters



Connecticut Vaccine Program (CVP)

How the program works, vaccines covered by CVP, expanding access to vaccines, additional resources slide presentation pdf Title: What
is the Connecticut Vaccine Program: How
will this Impact My Practice?

Health Professional Information

What's new, patient education and order form for free educational materials, vaccine safety, Immunization schedules, clinical resources, webinars and teleconferences by DPH and CDC, VaxFacts newsletters, school assessment records, projects and events.


Connecticut Vaccine Program (CVP)
For Parents

How vaccines work, where and when
to get your child vaccinated, child care
and school vaccine requirements,
vaccine availability



CT Immunization Registry and
Tracking System (CIRTS)

Statewide childhood immunization registry FAQs, CIRTS enrollment forms, birthing hospitals fillable form for CIRTS forms and brochures, how to request official immunization records for children who reside in Connecticut, how pediatric providers can access the registry, CIRTS-EHR HL7 2.5.1 guide, local IAP Outreach Coordinators contacts and IAP Area Map, additional resources

*NEW* CIRTS Local Implementation Guide for HL7 2.5.1 Immunization Messaging (pdf)

Although CIRTS is not yet ready to accept electronic reporting from EHR's, pediatric practices may download this guide for their vendor to prepare their EHR Systems to report electronically to CIRTS.


If you are attesting to Meaningful Use, you can print the *NEW* Exceptions Letter from DPH for Public Health Reporting for Meaningful UsePlease be advised that through and including June 30, 2014, no public health reporting option was available for either Stage 1 or Stage 2 meaningful use for Connecticut.  For Stage 2 immunization reporting, per state regulations, only those eligible professionals or eligible hospitals that are primary health care providers administering immunizations in an outpatient setting for children from birth to first grade will be considered for onboarding.



Immunization Laws and Regulations

School and child care vaccine requirements, hospital, long term care and pharmacy regulations, exemption forms


Tdap Cocoon Program

Tdap vaccine order form, eligibility, referral sites, additional resources


Seasonal Influenza

Getting the flu, where to get flu vaccination, vaccine information for health professionals, employers and employees, Influenza statistics, and prevention, additional resources   


Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Surveillance, testing, and reporting






International Travel (CDC)

Vaccines, medicine and advice







VTrckS Training For Providers

How to enroll, training guide, additional resources


Adult immunization resources and education     









Health Care Worker Vaccinations

Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommendations, Immunization Action Coalition summary, additional resources








For more information or to contact the Immunization Program, please call:
860-509-7929, during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

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