DPH: Connecticut HIV Statistics Through 2015

Connecticut HIV Statistics Through 2015

    Statewide data tables and reports
                Males       Females      Transgender
                White       Black          Hispanic           
                IDU          MSM          Heterosexual    
                <30         30-49         50+
                Prevalence Estimate (including undiagnosed)

    National HIV/AIDS Strategy
    City and county data   
    Trend tables with cell sizes <5 excluded
Trend in HIV
Recent Dx
 East Hartford
 New Britain
 New Haven 
 New London 

Trend in HIV
Recent Dx
 New Haven
 New London
Ryan White Service Areas:
Hartford TGA = Hartford, Tolland, Middlesex counties
New Haven EMA = New Haven, Fairfield counties

Ryan White Service Area

Recent Dx


Hartford TGA



New Haven EMA



  • Hetero: Heterosexual contact with a person known to have, or to be at high risk for HIV infection
  • IDU: Current or history of injection drug use
  • MSM: Men who have sex with men
  • MSM/IDU: MSM who have a history of IDU
  • Oth/Unk: Other, unknown, or not reported risk group
  • Perinatal: Perinatal transmission
  • PLWH: People living with HIV disease, not known to be dead
  • EMA: Eligible metropolitan area (Ryan White Funding)
  • TGA: Transitional grant area (Ryan White Funding)

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