DPH: State Vital Records Office - Death Certificates

State Vital Records Office - Death Certificates

If you wish to request a copy of a vital record from the State Vital Records Office, please note the Office has a processing delay of approximately six (6) weeks for requests for birth, death, fetal death, and marriage certificates that are received through the mail. 
If you require a faster processing time, you may direct your request to the town where the event occurred.  For town contact details, click on the following link for the Town Vital Records Directory.
Expedited service is also available for an additional fee for requests ordered on-line via VitalChek.

Who Can Request A Certified Copy Of A Death Certificate?                  
A certified copy of a Connecticut death certificate may be purchased for a fee by anyone over the age of 18 years.  All CT death certificates include the decedentís cause of death.  Requesters must provide basic identifying information about the deceased on the Application for a Copy of a Death Certificate including the name of the decedent, the approximate date of death, and the town where the death occurred so a search for the record can be conducted.
Per CT law (C.G.S.ß 7-51a), for deaths occurring on or after July 1, 1997, only the Funeral Director, the surviving spouse, next of kin or federal or state agencies authorized by federal law may receive a copy of a death certificate with the decedentís Social Security number or the complete ďadministrative purposesĒ section included on the certificate. Eligible parties must indicate on the Application for a Copy of the Death Certificate form whether they are the spouse or next of kin and whether they want a copy of the certificate with the deceasedís Social Security number.  The requester does not need to submit a copy of their photo identification or any proof of relationship to the deceased if they are purchasing the certificate, but such proof is needed if requesting the fee waiver for a copy of a veteranís death certificate.
All other requesters will receive a copy of the certificate without the decedentís Social Security number.  Researchers may request a copy of a death certificate that includes all of the information in the ďAdministrative purposesĒ section of the death certificate except the Social Security number. The other ďAdministrative purposesĒ information includes the occupation, business/industry, race, and educational level of the deceased.  
How Do I Request A Death Certificate?                                              
A certified copy of a death certificate may be ordered from the town of death or the State Vital Records office via regular mail, in person or via VitalChek, a contracted vendor that provides expedited service for an additional fee.  For regular mail requests, click on the link to complete the Application for a copy of Death Certificate and send the completed form, along with a postal money order for the fee amount for each copy of the requested death certificate to the town (see the Town Vital Records Directory) or to the State Vital Records Office.
One Time Fee Waiver for A Copy of a Veteranís Death Certificate
Effective October 1, 2011, Connecticut law (C.G.S. ß7-74 (c)) allows the spouse, child or parent of a deceased veteran to obtain one (1) free copy of the deceasedís death certificate provided the requesting family member presents a copy of their valid Government issued photo I.D. and proof of their relationship to the deceased.   Examples of acceptable proof of relationship include a marriage certificate for a spouse, oneís own birth certificate, if a child of the deceased, or the deceasedís birth certificate, if a parent of the deceased.  If eligible for the one time waiver, please request it on the Application for a copy of Death Certificate form and submit the required identification and documentation to the town or State Vital Records office.  
The fee will be waived for the requesting family member only if the request includes the required valid ID, proof of relationship to the veteran, and if the veteran status is indicated on the death certificate.  
Funeral Directors requesting one or more certified copies of a death certificate on behalf of a deceased veteranís family at the time of death, are entitled to receive one free copy of the death certificate.  Funeral Directors do not need to submit a copy of the family memberís identification or any proof of relationship.

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