DPH: Heart Disease & Stroke Surveillance System

Heart Disease & Stroke Surveillance System

Public health tracking of heart disease and stroke is an essential part of reducing the disease burden in Connecticut, identifying high-risk groups, formulating health care policy, and evaluating our state’s progress in preventing this disease.

The objective of the Connecticut Heart Disease & Stroke Surveillance System (CHDSS) is to provide timely and relevant information about heart disease, stroke and their complications in Connecticut, as well as related risk factor information.   

The links below provide current information regarding Connecticut deaths and hospitalizations due to heart disease and stroke and related conditions, prevalence data, and related reports.

Burden of Cardiovascular Diseases

Mortality (Death) Data & Statistics
  • Please see the Mortality Statistics page heart disease, stroke, and cardiovascular disease-related death counts; age-adjusted mortality and premature mortality rates; and mortality disparities by gender, race, and ethnicity.

Hospital Discharge Data

Statistical Information & Updates

Other Publications


Connecticut Department of Public Health Chronic Disease Programs 

Heart Disease, Stroke, and Cardiovascular Disease-Related Websites

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