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Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

{BRFSS Logo} The BRFSS is an ongoing telephone survey of adults conducted in all 50 states and coordinated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, GA. Households are randomly selected and contacted by a contractor who conducts most interviews in the evenings and on weekends. Perhaps you or someone you know was called by the survey staff. Once an interviewer reaches a household, a random selection of adult household members is made to choose one person to participate in the survey. Listed and unlisted residential telephone numbers are included in the sample, but not business, Fax, modem or cell phone lines.

February, 2015:  The CT-BRFSS is a health survey authorized by DPH. Recent reports have been received of a possible misuse of the DPH name for an unauthorized survey. Contractors for the CT-BRFSS 2014 survey must follow the script as outlined in the 2015 CT BRFSS Questionnaire (PDF). If you suspect that you have been contacted by an unauthorized group, please feel free to contact contact Carol Stone, BRFSS Project Director/Principal Investigator.

The questionnaire (CT BRFSS Questionnaire, 2015, PDF) changes somewhat from year to year and state to state to meet changing needs and address state specific priorities.  The BRFSS originally collected data on health behaviors related to the leading causes of death, but has since been expanded to include issues related to health care access, utilization of preventive health services, and to address emerging issues such as cigar smoking or diet pill use.  Each month survey data are sent to the CDC for editing and checking.  At the end of each year data are compiled and adjusted to be representative of all adults in the state, and returned to states for analysis and use in planning and monitoring health programs.  Data for all states are available via the CDC BRFSS website.
CT BRFSS Summary Reports (all files are PDF unless otherwise noted)
  • Health Risk Behaviors in Connecticut: Results of the 2012 Connecticut Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey, April, 2014

    CT BRFSS Reports and Publications 
  • Behavioral Health Risks Among Northeast District Department of Health Adults in 2011-2013, April, 2015

  • Behavioral Health Risks Among North Central Health District Adults in 2011-2013, April, 2015

  • Behavioral Health Risks Among Eastern Highlands Health District Adults in 2011-2013, April, 2015

  • Factors associated with health disparities among Black/African American Women in Connecticut, September, 2014

  • Factsheet for General Audiences: Cognitive Impairment in Connecticut, May, 2014

  • Caregiving Across the United States: Caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia in Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Tennessee, April, 2014

  • Behavioral Health Risks Among Ledge Light Health District Adults in 2012, October, 2013

  • Behavioral Health Risks Among Naugatuck Valley Health District Adults in 2012, October, 2013

  • Behavioral Health Risks Among Torrington Area Health District Adults in 2012, October, 2013 
  • Diabetes Preventive-Care Practices Fact Sheet, August, 2013

  • Prediabetes Fact Sheet, August, 2013

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences in Connecticut Factsheet, July, 2013

  • Association Between Number of Adverse Events in Childhood and Adult Risk Behaviors & Poor Health Outcomes, July, 2013 

  • Prediabetes Fact Sheet, April, 2012

  • Diabetes Preventive-Care Practices Fact Sheet, 2012

  • Burden of Diabetes in Connecticut, 2011

  • Diabetes Fact Sheet, 2011

  • The Burden of Cardiovascular Diseases in Connecticut – 2010 Surveillance Report

  • The Burden of Diabetes in Connecticut – 2010 Surveillance Report

  • Effect of Smoking on the Association Between Environmental Triggers and Asthma Severity Among Adults in New England (Aug 2010)

  • Connecticut Cancer Plan 2009-2013

  • The 2009 Connecticut Health Disparities Report (2009)

  • Diabetes Partners in Prevention Newsletters (see 2009-2010 newsletter)

  • Asthma in Connecticut 2008, A Surveillance Report

  • Burden of Stroke in CT (2008) 

  • A Report of the Task Force on Oral Health of Older Adults, Just The F.A.C.T.S., 2008

  • Diabetes Partners in Prevention Newsletter: Spring 2008

  • Oral Health In Connecticut, 2007
  • The Connecticut Diabetes Prevention and Control Plan, 2007 – 2012

  • Epidemiologic Profile of HIV/AIDS in Connecticut 2007

  • Connecticut Adult Tobacco Survey, 2006 

  • Anxiety and Depression in Connecticut Adults, 2006

  • Diabetes Preventive Care Practices Fact Sheet (2006)

  • Diabetes in CT: Past, Present, and Future (2006)

  • The Burden Of Diabetes In Connecticut, 2006 Surveillance Report

  • The Burden of Cardiovascular Disease in Connecticut - 2006 Surveillance Report

  • Signs & Symptoms of Heart Attack and Stroke, Fact Sheet, Nov 2006

    Current BRFSS Survey Script
    Previous BRFSS Survey Scripts (all PDF)
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    Carol L. Stone, PhD, MPH, MAS, MA
    BRFSS Project Director/Principal Investigator
    Connecticut Department of Public Health
    Health Statistics and Surveillance Section

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