DPH: Connecticut State Health Assessment and Health Improvement Plan

Connecticut State Health Assessment and Health Improvement Plan
March 25, 2014
DPH Issues Report on the Health of Connecticut Residents and Plan for Improving Health by 2020.
Two new documents--Healthy Connecticut 2020: 1. State Health Assessment, and Healthy Connecticut 2020: 2. State Health Improvement Plan--were released at today's meeting of the Connecticut Health Improvement Planning Coalition (see news release).

A Public Comment period for the Plan runs from today through April 30, 2014. Please see below for links to the Assessment, Plan, and online Public Comment Survey.
Online Public Comment Survey (Comment period 3/25/14 through 4/30/14)
For more information about the State Health Assessment and State Health Improvement Planning processes, please visit the web pages of the Connecticut Health Improvement Planning Coalition and Healthy Connecticut 2020.
If you have any questions or additional comments, we would like to hear from you! Please write to us at: HCT2020@ct.gov
In 2012-2013, the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) conducted a comprehensive State Health Assessment and developed a State Health Improvement Plan, in collaboration with other State agencies and diverse organizations from across Connecticut. These activities are consistent with the DPH mission and its mandated function as lead agency for health planning in Connecticut


State Health Assessment



The State Health Assessment defines the health status of Connecticut residents and identifies resources in Connecticut that can be mobilized to address health issues. This is achieved by using a broad set of indicators and specific measures for each indicator that can be tracked over time. The indicators range from birth characteristics (low birthweight, adequacy of prenatal care) to leading causes of death and all in between, such as behavioral and environmental risk factors.


Collaboration is Key

The State Health Assessment was a collaborative process among public, private, and community sector organizations. Led by DPH, they tracked measures for each indicator for the most recent 5-10 years and analyzed the data to identify trends (improvement or worsening). The product of the Assessment is information critical to developing the State Health Improvement Plan. This information will inform policy makers and the public about the health of Connecticut residents, and will determine where need exists for health programs and services. Preliminary findings from the State Health Assessment were presented at the Kick-off meeting of the Connecticut Health Improvement Planning Coalition on January 31, 2013.


   >>  State Health Assessment, 2013: Preliminary Findings (PDF)

   >>  Healthy Connecticut 2020: 1. State Health Assessment (PDF)

State Health Improvement Plan

Based on findings from the State Health Assessment, the Healthy Connecticut 2020, State Health Improvement Plan was developed to provide a road map for improving health and health equity in Connecticut through the current decade.

The focus of the plan is health improvement through prevention, and the promotion of health equity based on age, sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, geography, and social, economic, environmental, and behavioral determinants of health.

   >>  Healthy Connecticut 2020: 2. State Health Improvement Plan (PDF)

Collaboration is Key
The planning process was led by DPH and carried out by the Connecticut Health Improvement Planning Coalition, a voluntary partnership of state, local, and tribal government agencies, community organizations and coalitions, businesses, hospitals and other healthcare providers, academic institutions, and consumers (see Sector and Stakeholder Wheel). 

Coalition Work Groups proposed goals, objectives, and implementation strategies for each of seven Focus Areas of the Plan, based on the Preliminary Findings of the State Health Assessment. The implementation strategies were based on proven methods of improving the health status of the state's population and Connecticut's public health system.

Time Line for the Assessment and Plan

Milestones for the assessment and planning processes are shown below. Both Assessment and Plan were published in March, 2014.

{State Health Assessment Milestones}


Tools for Assessment and Planning

Sector and Stakeholder Wheel (PDF, 82 KB)

A representation of the major sectors and the key stakeholders in each sector to consider for inclusion in an assessment and planning coalition.

Stakeholder Engagement Matrix (Excel spreadsheet)

Contact information for stakeholders, and their roles or methods of engaging them in the assessment and planning processes.

Guide and Template for Comprehensive Health Improvement Planning (PDF)

Guidelines for developing a health improvement plan, elements of a Plan, boilerplate material for Connecticut, and framework for presenting goals, objectives, and strategies.

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