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 The Connecticut Health Improvement Planning Coalition

Health is the product of many factors, some of which are outside the traditional purview of public health and health care. These factors include social and physical environmental conditions arising from or affected by policies and activities in sectors that are not usually considered health-related. Examples of these determinants of health are agriculture, transportation, recreation, housing, and public safety. 


The Connecticut Health Improvement Planning Coalition is a diverse partnership of local, regional, and statewide organizations and agencies that address public health from a variety of traditional and non-traditional perspectives.


The Coalition was established in January, 2013 to collaborate with DPH in developing a comprehensive Health Improvement Plan for Connecticut residents, based largely on the results of the Connecticut State Health Assessment. Work Groups consisting of representatives from the Coalition's member organizations and other interested individuals forged goals, objectives, and evidence-based strategies for each of the Plan's seven focus areas, and an Advisory Council made recommendations to DPH on various developmental stages of the Plan.




   Member Organizations (as of 1/31/13) (PDF)

   Coalition Kick-off Meeting, January 31, 2013

      >>  Welcome and Introductory Remarks  (PDF) 

     >>  Complete Portfolio of Hand-outs (PDF, 4.6 MB)

              >  Invitation to Kick-off Meeting

              >  Meeting Agenda

              >  Meeting Participants

              >  Coalition Charter

              >  Focus Area Work Group Leaders Charter

              >  Advisory Council Charter

              >  Focus Areas & Areas of Concentration for the Plan 

              >  Cross-cutting Themes for the Plan

      >>  Preliminary Findings from State Health Assessment (PDF, 3 MB)

      >>   Post-meeting Comments from Attendees

     >>  Coalition Work Groups & Advisory Council: Calendar and Meeting Materials


   Coalition "Call to Action" Meeting, March 25, 2014

The final versions of the Connecticut State Health Assessment and State Health Improvement Plan were formally released at this meeting. Please go to web page below for details about and materials from this meeting.

 >>  Coalition "Call to Action" Meeting (Healthy Connecticut 2020)


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