DPH: EMT Temporary Permit for applicants that have held a Paramedic license only

EMT Temporary Permit for applicants that have held a Paramedic license only

An applicant who held Connecticut EMT certification prior to becoming licensed as a Connecticut licensed paramedic may be eligible for a one year, non-renewable, temporary EMT permit. 


In order to be eligible for the one-year temporary permit, an applicant must have been certified as a Connecticut EMT prior to becoming licensed as a paramedic in Connecticut (such EMT certificate and paramedic license must have expired prior to the submission of the application).

Holders of temporary EMT permits may qualify for reinstatement of a lapsed paramedic license or EMT certification provided the applicant can demonstrate that he/she meets the requirements for EMT reinstatement or only if the paramedic meets the requirements as indicated in the paramedic instructions for reinstatement.  To obtain an application for reinstatement of a paramedic license please visit the EMS Certification/Licensure Exams page of the OEMS website and scroll down to the downloadable Paramedic Application, which includes instructions on reinstatement.  


Documentation Requirements:                                                                                                                

Once the Temporary permit is issued, the applicant must ensure that verification of an approved EMT refresher course, with a minimum of 30 hours, be submitted directly from the instructor to this office.  Please note:   EMT refresher training must commence and be completed only after the issuance of the Temporary Permit and shall not end later than the last day of the expiration of the Temporary Permit.

All supporting documentation should be sent from the primary source (state, territory, instructor) to: 

Send via email, fax or regular mail to:
Firm: Department of Public Health
Email: dph.emslicensing@ct.gov
Address: 410 Capitol Av., MS#12EMS
PO Box 340308
Hartford, CT  06134
— This is 2 miles from you (06106).
Fax: 860.920.3142
For a listing of Connecticut approved initial and refresher courses, please click the "Education and Training" link in the left navigation menu at the top of this page.

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