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  • Opioid Crisis
    • Opioid Overdose Epidemic: The EMS Role - On September 20th, 2017, DPH OEMS & UConn Health presented a half-day conference to increase EMS provider awareness on the science of addiction, harm reduction, EMS provider safety, taking an active role in educating families of victims in the use of naloxone, and other topics related to the opioid crisis in Connecticut.
    • CTTrain online course Opioid Overdose Epidemic: The EMS Role - As a follow up to the conference mentioned above, DPH OEMS & UConn Health have collaborated to create a distance learning course on CTTrain.  This no-cost, self-paced course covers many of the topics covered at the conference. The course ID is 1072448.
    • Fentanyl Resources - Protecting EMS Responders - the resources below are for reference in considering appropriate PPE for response to an EMS request for service where opioids are suspected to be present.  Resources will be added to this section periodically as this dynamic epidemic evolves. 
  • Department of Children & Families Safe Haven Act - the law allows anyone to drop off a newborn baby (within the first 30 days of life) at any hospital emergency room in Connecticut.  While details vary in each state, all 50 states in the country have some form of Safe Haven Law. To see how each state differs click here for a map showing detailed state-by-state information.
  • New England Quality Innovation Network INTERACT Initiative - INTERACT, the Interventions To Reduce Acute Care Transfers, is a quality improvement program.  Click here to link to their "nursing homes" webpage and a short training webinar for EMS providers on the INTERACT initiative.  It describes the new acute care transfer process between a participating nursing home and hospital. 
  • Connecticut Department of Social Services Division of Protective Services website - This webpage is where EMS Providers can find information about, and a link to, the Report Form for Protective Services for the Elderly.
  • Connecticut Department of Children & Families website - This webpage is where EMS Providers can find information about, and a link to, the Report of Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect form.
  • Connecticut EMS Awards - This webpage is where you can read about the various state awards and nominate a colleague, employee or person you think personifies a particular award.
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