DPH: Office of Emergency Medical Services

Office of Emergency Medical Services

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The mission of the Office of Emergency Medical Services is to be responsible for program development activities, including, but not limited to: 

Public education and information programs
Regional council oversight  
Reminders to all EMS Organizations...
Change in Leadership in your EMS organization?  If you have a new Chief of Service, please notify DPH/OEMS in writing and on agency letterhead to assure that we have your agency’s proper contact information for correspondence.
Change of address in your EMS organization?  Organizations planning to move office locations must apply to DPH/OEMS and be approved for a "new or expanded service" prior to the move.
Change in your ePCR vendor?  If your EMS Organization is changing software vendors, or having any issues EMS data, please contact Jean Speck at (860) 509-7829.
Need to drop off paperwork to OEMS?  Our office is in a secure building.  A drop-box is conveniently located at the 1st floor security desk at 410 Capitol Avenue to submit applications, fees or any other documents.  Please schedule an appointment if you wish to meet with the staff.  (Note:  It is strongly recommended that all documentation be submitted via U.S. Mail, fax or email.  Please remember, cash is not accepted.)  Please visit our Contact Info Page to email the appropriate representative if you wish to schedule an appointment.  You may find more information regarding who may be best suited to assist you on our About OEMS Page.

Investigation Complaint Form - Please use this form to report complaints regarding Connecticut EMS organizations or individual providers.




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