DPH: Katherine A. Kelley State Public Health Laboratory

Katherine A. Kelley State Public Health Laboratory


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The Connecticut State Public Health Laboratory was first activated in 1904, and has supported communities within Connecticut by providing environmental and clinical analytical services. Since then, services offered have evolved with ever-changing clinical, microbial, and environmental demands. The introduction of the Newborn Screening Program in 1964, testing of Bacillus anthracis specimens in 2001, and the addition of molecular testing in 2010 are just a few of the advancements the public health laboratory has seen.

To help support and maintain the Connecticut Department of Public Health's mandates, the Katherine A. Kelley State Public Health Laboratory, a new state of the art facility, was opened in 2012 to provide chemical, biochemical, microbiological, and environmental testing on specimens for disease detection, outbreak investigations, and surveillance. The efforts of this newest public health laboratory will help ensure the safety of air, water, soil, food, and the health and wellbeing of all Connecticut residents.

The laboratory is comprised of the following services:

Biological Sciences - provides testing for bacterial, viral, and parasitic agents of diseases; serves as a reference center for microbiological aspects of infectious diseases; screens for inherited disorders in newborns; performs EPA approved testing on potable and non-potable waters; participates in foodborne disease surveillance efforts; maintains an FDA approved laboratory for the testing of dairy products; performs animal rabies testing.

Environmental Chemistry - evaluates soil, air, surface waters, wastewater, fish and shellfish, landfills, industrial waste, spills, and consumer products for toxic inorganic and organic chemicals; performs radiological testing; maintains an EPA certified chemistry laboratory for the analysis of drinking water.


Environmental Microbiology Fresh Surface Water Examination (available soon)

Inorganic Chemistry Drinking Water

Inorganic Chemistry Routine Non Potable Water

Request for Rabies Examination


   Newborn Screening Test Reference Levels



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