DPH: Residency Training Permits

Residency Training Permits

Connecticut hospitals offering graduate medical education to medical, osteopathic, dental and physician assistant graduates are required to be obtain a permit from the Department of Public Health on behalf of the trainee.  The permit will be issued solely for the purpose of participation in graduate education as an intern, resident, fellow or medical officer candidate in a hospital.
In order to be eligible for the permit, an individual must have received the degree of doctor of medicine or its equivalent, osteopathic medicine, dentistry or physician assistant and, for physicians, if educated outside the United States or Canada:
Must have successfully completed all components of a Fifth Pathway program conducted by an American medical school accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education, received certification from the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, has successfully completed the examination for licensure prescribed by the department pursuant to section 20-10 or holds a current valid license in another state of territory.
Application Instructions
Each residency training program administrator shall send via email to celeste.dowdell@ct.gov a Microsoft Excel file that includes the following demographic information on each resident who will be enrolled in the training program:  Last name, first name, date of birth, US Social Security Number (if the applicant has been issued one), National Provider Identifier, date residency program to start and date program ends.  The end date should be the date the resident will complete all training years.  Please select this link for the template.
The residency training program administrator shall include a statement in the email as follows:
The individual(s) listed in the attached file have been admitted to an internship, residency, fellowship or United States medical officer candidate training program at this institution.  A review of credentials has been completed, and these individuals have been found to satisfy the eligibility requirements specified in Section 20-11a of the Connecticut General Statutes.  I understand that issuance of the permit is solely for the purposes of participation in graduate medical education in a Connecticut hospital.
The email should indicate the program administrator’s name, title, hospital, phone number and should be sent from the hospital’s email system.
Upon receipt of this information, the Department will notify the program that the permit application has been approved.  The Department will also notify the Department of Consumer Protection and the Department of Social Services.

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