DPH: How Can I Help
Emergency Preparedness & Response

How Can I Help

  • Call the American Red Cross at 1-877-RED-CROSS (1-877-733-2767) to make an appointment to donate blood.
  • Contact the relief agencies/organizations in your area to see what they may need, like clothing or food.
  • Take a Basic First-Aid or CPR class.
  • Consider joining a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). Contact your local town or city for more information.
  • Consider volunteering for a public health response team. Contact your local health department/district for more information. To find your local health department, go to www.ct.gov/dph/localhealth.
  • If you are a license or retired healthcare professional, or if you're not a healthcare professional and are interested in volunteering during a disaster at a hospital or local/regional medical reserve corps unit, go to www.ct-esar-vhp.org or www.ctmrc.org and sign up to volunteer today.
  • Form a neighborhood watch program to be better prepared for potential future events.

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