DPH: Operational & Support Services

Operational & Support Services


The Operational & Support Services Branch assures that department-wide administrative activities are coordinated and accomplished in an effective and efficient manner. The branch provides the following services across the agency:


Contracts and Grants Management

The Contracts and Grants Management Section prepares, issues, and manages contracts, grants and low interest loans in support of for-profit and non-profit service providers, federal and local governments, and individuals. The services funded by these contracts and grants improve the Connecticut healthcare service infrastructure and provide otherwise unavailable health and/or support services to underserved residents of Connecticut.


Fiscal Services

The Fiscal Services Section administers budget planning and preparation, monitors 19 state and 142 federal accounts for expenditures, revenue accounting, accounts payable/receivable, and purchasing, including emphasis on procurement activities from small and minority-owned vendors; provides mail services and inventory control;  gives grantees and their auditors a single point of contact for accounting and audit issues related to grants and over 650 contracts; provides technical assistance to contracting units within the department and monitors the final financial settlement of agency grants and contracts, including adherence to cash management and all applicable federal regulations for financial reporting.


Human Resources

The Human Resources Section provides comprehensive personnel management to the department, including labor relations for seven bargaining units and managerial/confidential employees, recruitment, merit system administration, performance appraisal review, statistical personnel status reports, payroll, fringe benefit administration, classification work for appropriate job titles, and Performance Assessment and Recognition System for managers.



The Informatics Section works both independently and in conjunction with the Department of Administrative Services, Bureau of Enterprise Systems and Technology (DAS/BEST) to provide the highest quality of support and services. Our services are delivered through two divisions, Infrastructure and Development.  These divisions work closely together to provide the functionality and direction of Information Technology to the agency and external entities with interfaces to DPH internal systems. Responsibilities include strategic planning, maintaining critical agency infrastructure, providing platform services, operations services, networking services, application services and security services.


Administrative Facility Management

Administrative Facility Management oversees the delivery of a safe and healthy work environment for Department of Public Health employees and programs. The department works together with an independent management company to address facility needs. A multidisciplinary team approach has been successful in alerting administrative officials and the management company of building needs that require attention. 


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