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Nov 13, 2017

Bridge No.02708, Rt.154 over Plum Bank Creek & Bridge No.01386, Rt.154 over Black River Old Saybrook

The Department of Transportation (Department) will conduct a Public Information Meeting concerning the proposed replacements of Bridge No. 02708, Route 154 over Plum Bank Creek, and Bridge No. 01386, Route 154 over Back River, in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.  Bridge No. 02708 is a single span bridge approximately 19 feet long, with a 35 foot-2 inch out-to-out deck width and a curb-to-curb roadway width of 30 feet.  The bridge was built in 1935, and carries one lane of traffic in each direction, and is located just north of Toms Road.  The estimated 2015 Average Daily Traffic (ADT) is approximately 4,600 vehicles.


Bridge No. 01386 is a single span bridge approximately 32 feet long, with a 35 foot-1 inch out-to-out deck width and a curb-to-curb roadway width of 29 feet-6 inches.  The bridge was built in 1935, and carries one lane of traffic in each direction, and is located just north of Buckingham Avenue.  The estimated 2015 ADT is approximately 3,000 vehicles.


The purpose of the project is to replace Bridge Nos. 02708 and 01386 due to their poor condition.  The existing superstructures and top portions of the existing substructure elements will be removed.  The new structures will include integral abutments with approach slabs, adjacent box beams with shear keys, and concrete decks with bituminous wearing surfaces.  A vertical alignment change is required to raise the roadway height of the new structures approximately 8 inches at Bridge No. 01386 and up to 18 inches at Bridge No. 02708.  Permanent cofferdams are proposed for project construction and for scour protection measures.

Right-of-way impacts associated with the proposed project may consist of minor construction easements.


An 11 week closure of Bridge No. 02708 in the fall of 2020 and an 11 week closure of Bridge No. 01386 in the spring of 2021 along with corresponding detours of pedestrian and vehicular traffic are planned due to the bridge width, the existing superstructure conditions, and site constraints.  The proposed detours are approximately 5.2 miles using State routes and Town roads.  Alternating one-way traffic may be required before and after the bridge closures and detours.  Route 154 is anticipated to be open between Memorial Day and Labor Day.


Construction is anticipated to begin in fall 2020 and undertaken with 100 percent State funds.  The estimated construction cost for this project is approximately $3.5 million. 


The Public Information Meeting is being held to afford a full opportunity for public participation and to allow open discussion of any views and comments the community may have concerning this proposed project.


The meeting facility is ADA accessible.  Language assistance may be requested by contacting the Departmentís Office of Communications at (860) 594-3062 at least five business days prior to the meeting.  Persons with hearing and/or speech disabilities may dial 711 for Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS).  Language assistance is provided at no cost to the public and efforts will be made to respond to timely requests for assistance.


Preliminary plans of the proposed project will be on display for public review.  Department personnel will be available during the meeting to discuss this project.  More detailed information is available at the Departmentís Office of Engineering, 2800 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, Connecticut, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., excluding holidays.  Anyone wishing to discuss the project may contact Ms. Madison Shugrue at (860) 594-3391 or by e-mail at 

Inclement Weather Date: November 14, 2017



Location: Duffy Pavilion, 155 College Street, Old Saybrook, Connecticut 06475
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7 PM

Contact: Jon Hagert, Bureau of Engineering and Construction
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