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Welcome to the Design-Build web page. This page is dedicated to the Design-Build program at CTDOT. Below you will find Recent News and Updates, Project Specific and Programmatic Information. If you do not find the information you are looking for here please see the contact information at the bottom of the page for additional assistance.

12/14/2016 - The Department shortlisted the teams of: Kiewit Infrastructure Co. / Dewberry Engineers Inc., Middlesex Corporation / H. W. Lochner, Inc. and O & G Industries, Inc / AECOM to participate in the Proposal phase of Project 0171-0431.

10/06/2016 - An update Q&R form and Addendum 3 for Project 171-431 will be issued on the Biznet Contracting portal under the advertisement for this project to introduce an excel form to be allowed in place of the PDF form for the Statement of Work Under Contract. See the Project 171-431 Appendix B section below for the “Alternative Contracting Statement of Work Under Contract (10/06/2016) Excel form” and the Advertising information link for the Q&R and Addendum 3.

09/30/2016 - Addendum 2 was issued for Project 171-431 and this web page was updated to update the links and documents from the RFQ Appendix B.

09/19/2016 - Addendum 1 was issued for Project 171-431 and this web page was updated to add links for documents from the RFQ Appendix B.

09/13/2016 – Project 171-431 was advertised today. Please see the project information below for a link to The Department of Administrative Services, State Contracting Portal for Department of Transportation projects.

The Project 15-363 RFP information was removed from the site today to avoid confusion with the current procurement.

09/09/2016 – Website update to add miscellaneous detail plans to the Project 171-431 Existing Structure Plans section. And to move the Project 15-363 sample procurement documents to the new Past Projects section.

Project Specific Information
Upcoming Projects:

    State Project 0171-0431

Links to General Information
- Design Build Frequently Asked Questions
- This is a project specific site that will be used for public information and other project specific
- Connecticut General Statute 13a-95b and 13a-95c
- This is the draft Conflict of Interest provision that will appear in the D-B Pilot Project.
- Information and resources related to the D-B workshop hosted by CTDOT
- Manuals and guides for CTDOT Design Build manuals
- CTDOT Contractor information page for contracting, bids, RFPs and more.
- FHWA Design-Build Web Page
- FHWA Every Day Counts Web Page
- FHWA Final Rule (Design Build)
- Design Build Institute of America  
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