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Route 9 Traffic Signal Removal, Middletown

Welcome! The Department of Transportation is excited to present a proposal to remove the traffic signals on Route 9 and improve access to and from Middletown, while also providing improvements for pedestrians including connecting downtown Middletown to the riverfront. This webpage is intended to provide information regarding the conceptual design, upcoming public outreach events, status of the projects and other pertinent information. Please share this page with others!!

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Click Here for an overall plan of the July 2016 proposed conceptual design.


November 16, 2017 - The Department has been developing alternative designs to address the concerns raised at the public informational meeting. Each alternative design has required significant investigation and coordination to ensure its feasibility as well as its merit. We have been working with City officials during this process and have landed on a refined design. At this time, we anticipate holding a public informational meeting presenting this concept in early February of 2018. Again, your patience is appreciated!

January 31, 2017 - The Department has been developing an alternative concept to address the concerns raised at the public informational meeting. Thorough investigation and coordination to ensure feasibility has been taking place prior to publicizing this alternative concept. A public informational meeting presenting this alternative concept will be scheduled in the coming weeks. Your patience is appreciated!

August 29, 2016 - The official comment period for the public informational meeting has ended although comments can still be sent in. The meeting was successful with a significant turnout. We have received a number of comments since the meeting as well.

The two main concerns of the public based on the concerns voiced at the meeting and in received comments are:
  • The effect of the additional traffic on Main Street, despite the operational benefits of the proposed bumpouts
  • Concerns about the potential for obstruction of views toward the river due to the retaining walls at Washington Street
The Department is currently investigating modifications to the proposed concept to address these concerns while keeping with a low cost solution. Additional information will be forthcoming.
Date:          Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Time:           7:00 PM
Location:     Elks Lodge 771
                 44 Maynard Street
                 Middletown, CT
June 21, 2016 - Governor Malloy formally announces project to the public. press release

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