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The primary mission of the Connecticut Department of Transportation is to provide a safe and efficient intermodal transportation network that improves the quality of life and promotes economic vitality for the State and region. Maintaining and improving upon the State’s bridge inventory is necessary to accomplish this goal. A critical task for a bridge inventory to be in a good state of repair is the knowledge of each bridge’s capacity to safely carry live loads in its current condition. A Load Rating must provide this information in an accurate, organized, and standardized report. The information contained in this report is used for several purposes:

  • To determine which structures may require remedial action.
  • To determine safe posting limits for structures with substandard load capacities.
  • To assist in the most effective use of available resources for rehabilitation or replacement.
  • To assist in permit vehicle reviews.
  • To satisfy FHWA requirements that every structure in the State on the National Bridge Inventory has an associated load rating in accordance with the most recent AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation.

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