ConnDOT: Pedrestrian use of Roundabouts

Pedestrian Use of Roundabouts
{Pedestrian Waiting to Cross}
General rules for pedestrian use of the modern roundabout
  • Always stay on the designated walkways approaching and leaving the roundabout.
  • Designated crosswalks are often shared by bicyclists and pedestrians. Watch for bicyclists when you are at or near the roundabout.
  • You should only cross at the designated crosswalks; NEVER cross to the center island.
  • Do not assume that cars will stop to let you cross. Only enter the crosswalk when there is an adequate gap in traffic or when you are certain that all of the oncoming traffic is yielding to you.
  • Proceed to the splitter island. The splitter islands offer a safe refuge between the two different directions of traffic flow allowing you to concentrate on traffic coming from only one direction at a time.
  • Again, wait for an acceptable gap in traffic before entering the crosswalk to complete your crossing.

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