ConnDOT: Office of Environmental Planning

Office of Environmental Planning
Develops and administers policy on environmental issues (e.g. clean air, noise and water resources) affecting the Department's programs and projects; prepares and oversees environmental documents required by the state and federal laws and regulations.  These documents include; transportation, air, noise, and historic/archaeological studies; state and federal water resources permit applications for Department projects; performs environmental surveillance of construction activities to ensure compliance with permits; acts as liaison with state and federal regulatory agencies regarding environmental issues and the State Historic Preservation Office regarding cultural resources.

Transportation Assistant Planning Director
Environmental Planning
Phone: (860) 594-2931
Fax: (860) 595-3028
Environmental/Historic Documents
Melanie S. Zimyeski
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: 860-594-2144
Water/Natural Resources 
Andrew H. Davis
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: 860-594-2157
Water/Noise Compliance
Kevin F. Carifa
Transportation Supervising Planner
Phone: 860-594-2946


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