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Transportation Related Mapping
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 State Transportation Map
Pavement Management Map
Superpave Levels (pdf 29 mb)
 Minority, Low-Income, and Limited
 English Proficiency Maps and Charts
 (Statewide and by Service Area)
Traffic Maps
 Bicycle Maps
  • Average Daily Traffic (ADT)  -  Towns
         HTML Link to Town Maps
         PDF Link to Town Maps (pdf 308 kb)
         Download (DGN format)  
Historical Maps 2011 to 2013
Historical Maps 2008 to 2010
HTML Link to Town Maps
PDF Link to Town Maps (pdf 308 kb)
Historical Maps 2005 to 2007  
HTML Link to Town Maps       
PDF Link to Town Maps (pdf 308 kb)  
Historical Maps 2002 to 2004
  • Average Daily Traffic (ADT) - Expressways
  • Permanent Count Station Data  New!
For Problems Downloading Spreadsheet, Please See Tutorial Below
View (pdf 10 mb)
Download (DGN, DXF & DWG formats)
 District, Regional and Urban Maps 
Town Maps & Data
  • Town Road List Listing of locally maintained roads by Town (including TRU grid location) (pdf 4 mb)
  • 2018 Town Road (TRU) View (pdf 305 kb) Download (DGN, DXF, & DWG formats)
  • 2010 Population and Employment Data by Town View (pdf 50 kb) Download (Excel format)
Miscellaneous Maps
  • Air Quality Designated Areas
  • Railroad Line Identification Maps
    (pdf format) Sizes are in inches.
  • Railroad Ownership and Service Maps
          Large 24X36
          Small 11X17
  • Functional Classification (FC) Maps
PDF Link to FC Maps (pdf 323 kb)
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