ConnDOT: Division of Traffic Engineering

Division of Traffic Engineering  

The Division of Traffic Engineering manages, directs and coordinates traffic designs, studies, and investigations for State roadways.  The Division of Traffic Engineering is organized according to the units described in the links below:

Requests for additional information should be addressed to:

Mark F. Carlino, P.E.
Manager of Traffic Engineering
Phone:(860) 594-2768

A list of common questions received by our office may be found here: Frequently Asked Questions.

Traffic Engineering - Units

Traffic Engineering - Studies
Traffic Engineering - Project Design
Traffic Engineering - Electrical
Traffic Engineering - Safety

Traffic Documents

Special Provisions

Traffic Engineering Standard Drawings
     (8981kb) Updated 2016-2019
Sign Catalog

Other Traffic Related Links

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CTDOT Permits - Links to OSTA Major Traffic Generator Certificates, Speed Limit Certificates, Traffic Signal Permits, Encroachment Permits, and other permits. 
Bureau of Policy and Planning Town maps, Traffic Counts, Regional Planning Agencies, etc.


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