ConnDOT: Traffic Engineering List of CADD Standards & Details

Traffic Engineering         

List of CADD Standards & Details

Traffic Signal Electrical
     Typical Installation Details
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Conduit In Trench & Under Roadway (186K) TR_MSH_TYP_E3_R6_1-08.pdf  (461K) 
Handholes (299K) TR_MSH_TYP_E4_R7_5-09.pdf (473K)
Foundations (185K) TR_MSH_TYP_E5_R11_2-09.pdf (835K)
Inductive Loop Vehicle Detectors TR_MSH_TYP_E6_R10_5-09.pdf  (528K) 
Test Procedures (120K)  TR_MSH_TYP_E7_R1_1-08.pdf(640K) 
Vehicle Detection Systems  (177K) TR_MSH_TYP_E8_R7_2-09.pdf (415K)
Pedestal & Pole Mounted Traffic Signals & Pedestrian Signals (190K) TR_MSH_TYP_E9_R10_2-09.pdf (580K)
Push Buttons & Signs (147K) TR_MSH_TYP_E10_R7_10-08.pdf(273K)
Controllers (157K) TR_MSH_TYP_E10A_R0_10-08.pdf (402K)
Traffic Signals & Cable Closure (313K) TR_MSH_TYP_E11_R9_2-09.pdf (960K)
Audible Pedestrian Signal, Span Mounted Sign Hanger (182K) TR_MSH_TYP_E12_R3_2-09.pdf  (608K)
Interconnect Cable, Cable Closure & Utility Pole Attachment (319K) TR_MSH_TYP_E13_R6_2-09.pdf (838K)
Steel Span Pole Flashing Signal For Warning Sign (179K) TR_MSH_TYP_E14_R87_5-09.pdf (487K)
Overhead illuminated "Stop Ahead" Sign & Internally Illuminated Sign (142K) TR_MSH_TYP_E15_R3_1-08.pdf  (376K)
Traffic Construction English Metric
Sign Face Sheet Aluminum R-Series Signs Typical Details ENGLISH X.ZIP METRIC X.ZIP
Sign Face Sheet Aluminum S & W-Series Signs Typical Details ENGLISH Y.ZIP METRIC Y.ZIP
Sign Face Sheet Aluminum D,E, I & M Series Signs Typical Details ENGLISH Z.ZIP METRIC Z.ZIP
Typical Delineation, Delineator and Object Marker Details
Typical Sign Support and Sign Placement Details Gore Exit Sign
Typical Metal Sign Posts and Sign Mounting Details
Extruded Aluminum Sign Panel, Accessory and Mounting Details
Sign Face Sheet Aluminum Large Signs Accessory and Mounting Details
Typical Exit Crown Panel (Type III Reflective Sheeting)
Typical Pavement Markings (Durable Markings) For Divided Highways
Typical Pavement Markings (Durable Markings) For Divided Highways
Signs For Construction and Permit Operations
Typical Construction Sign Supports and Channelizing Devices
Special Details and Typical Pavement Markings For Two-Way Highways


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