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Version 3.1

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Publishing MicroStation Content to PDF

December 2013


Printing PDF Engineering Content

November 2010                                                                     

Software Requirements
MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 3) Version
BlueBeam Revu or Extreme Version 2015.1
InRoads V8i (SELECTseries 2) Version

Please Note:
This Workspace is not configured to work with OpenRoads SS4 or OpenRoads Designer.  At this time the OpenRoads SS4 Workspace is available only for select Pilot Projects. 

What is the DDE?

The DDE (Digital Design Environment) is a compilation of electronic files that configure a client or network of client computers to conform to CTDOT’s CAD Standards (DDE is configured for Bentley Products). The DDE customizes users’ commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) CAD software installation without compromising previous configurations or standards that they may have for other clients. These standards allow the Department to continue developing on its existing digital contract plans and specification submission process, and progress toward a fully digital project. In addition, with standardized digital contract plans the Department is also able to implement electronic bidding of digitally signed electronic bid packages.

A full manual for the SELECTseries DDE has not been written but workflows and guides applicable to the SELECTseries DDE are available at the bottom of this page. The Digital Design Environment Guide that was published with the previous released environment (CTDOT - 2007 Digital Design Environment) may also be a helpful reference.

CAD Environment Set-Up for Consultant Engineers:

The step by step workflow was written to instruct consultant engineers, municipalities and any other private parties on how set up the Connecticut Department of Transportation CAD Environment. Instructions also include installation procedures for MicroStation & InRoads. CTDOT employees wishing to set up for home use can use this workflow as well. This is the download .zip file that contains CTDOT's Projects and Workspaces Directories. Within these files also contains all the necessary MicroStation and InRoads Resources (Cells, Level Names etc.).

Who should use the SELETseries DDE?

As of September 1st, 2011, all CTDOT Consultant Engineering design assignments shall use the SELECTseries DDE with MicroStation and InRoads (see Policy No. F&A-24 “Computer Aided Design, Survey and Roadway Design Software File Formats” below). Adhering to this requirement shall be included in the general cost of doing business for the CTDOT and shall not be used to seek additional compensation. Consultants working on existing CTDOT projects may migrate from previous Digital Design Environments to the latest SELECTseries DDE (with no additional compensation).


What are the benefits for migrating from the 2007 DDE to the SELECTseries DDE?

-Access all custom cells, levels & Tasks from inside MicroStation regardless of discipline.
-Use all InRoads resources in the CTDOT DDE regardless of discipline.
-Access to the CTDOT Publishing Task
-Access to the Sheet Composition Task to annotation sheets, place border cells. 
Has the required project deliverables changed with the SELECTseries DDE?

There will be no change in project deliverables at this time unless requested in writing by the Department. Please refer to The Digital Project Development (DPD) Manual for the current requirements.

The Department reserves the right to request design information at any time during the design process. This information would contain High Value Data (HVD) such as: InRoads DTMs, Alignments, Drainage Databases, and 3D Models in conformance with the DDE. CTDOT is investigating future submission requirements for HVD 3D and 4D models for GPS Machine Control, GPS inspection techniques, and future modeling applications.

Methods shown on this site have been developed for productivity and project data confluence, and are constantly evolving. Comments and suggestions are welcomed, and the Department will support any questions and issues with the DDE; however, we do not have the resources to support Consultant Engineers for CAD technical support outside of direct issues with the DDE. 

Policies and Memorandums

May 1, 2011
Digital Submissions of Final Contracts - Mylar Plans retired.  As of May 1, 2011 the Department will require the submission of Final Design Documents to conform to The Digital Project Development (DPD) Manual.  This will be in effect for projects advertised by the Connecticut Department of Transportation only.

June 1, 2007

The Department issued new enterprise wide CAD Standards.  See attached memorandum 

"Contract Plan Standards".

March 5, 2007

Policy No. F&A-24 "Computer Aided Design, Survey, and Roadway Design Software File Formats" The policy mandates design software standards. 

Requests for additional information or

comments should be addressed to: 

William S. Pratt, P.E. 
Transportation Principal Engineer
Phone:(860) 594-3320

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