ConnDOT: Products and Services

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The Photolog Services Unit offers the following products and services:

Individual DVDs and complete DVD sets are available

2002: All standard resolution 640x480

2003: 1/2 High Resolution 1310x1030, 1/2 standard resolution 640x480

2004: All High Resolution 1310x1030

2005: 1/2 High Definition 1920x1080, 1/2 High Resolution 1310x1030

2006-2010: All High Definition 1920x1080

To purchase professionally mastered archive-photolog-DVDs (2002-2006) or to have a custom CD or DVD created please Contact Photolog Staff for more information.

Alphanumeric data available includes roughness and rutting measurements, roadway geometry, global positioning, and bridge height (underclearance) for some routes.  




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