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The Photolog Unit uses state-of-the-art automated data collection vehicles to collect high definition images and roadway condition, geometric and position data every 16.4 feet (5-meters) for the entire 4000-mile state-maintained roadway network.

Video about ConnDOT'S Photolog Program

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Ground-based Image & Data Collection/Dissemination

  1. To annually photolog the entire state-maintained highway system and to periodically photolog the highway-ramp system using the latest roadway image and data collection technology.

  2. To annually update all photolog libraries in ConnDOT, the FHWA, the University of Connecticut, the CT State Library, and at State Police Headquarters, with each containing: 1) a set of forward-view Right-of-Way (ROW) images from the entire highway system; and 2) a set of corresponding highway condition, GPS, and geometric data.

  3. To annually update the pavement condition image library of the entire highway system for the Department.

  4. To continually monitor photolog image-library and data usage and determine estimated cost savings through usage documentation.  Report this data as one of the Department's Performance Measures.

  5. To ascertain user and prospective-user needs, as well as provide on-site familiarization and maintenance of photolog image and data retrieval technology.

  6. To install and support the Department's photolog viewing software and hardware, as required.

  7. To provide certified photolog images for purposes of litigation, as requested.

  8. To annually collect and process pavement rideability, horizontal curvature and grade data for Connecticut's submission to the FHWA Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS).

  9. To provide specialized image and data collection as required.

  10. To investigate new technologies with the potential to further improve photolog services and operations, and to develop and implement improvements wherever possible.



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