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Traffic Technology
Giving Science the Green Light
Giving Science the Green Light Students in a middle school science class or in a high school physics or computer class will bolster their knowledge of basic linear motion, basic circuits, and Boolean logic with the TRAC PAC 2 Traffic Technology module.  Designed to present concepts that are the building blocks for physics, electrical theory, and computer programming, Traffic Technology’s activities also introduce students to the fundamentals of highway safety and traffic signal design

Teach science skills -inspire future engineers- make better drivers.

  • By calculating reaction time and braking distance, students study linear motion while strengthening calculation skills.
  • Students calculate the timing sequence of a traffic light using collected data.
  • Using spreadsheets, students build a traffic light logic sequence while learning basic computer programming.
  • In a hands-on research project, students explore the physics concepts used to design the mechanism that changes a traffic signal from red to green.