ConnDOT: Enviromental

Connecticut TRAC
 A Transportation & Civil Engineering Program      
  {image070.jpg}  Understanding Environmental Impact

In an Environmental Science class, students learn about their impact on the environment.  In the TRAC PAC 2 module — Highway Development and the Environment, that lesson is taken to another level.  The topics of erosion, sedimentation, and filtration are presented to the students from the perspective of the Highway Engineer.  When they take on the role of an Environmental Specialist, students examine the environmental issues involved with highway planning.

This module is a prime example of how the sciences and social studies come together:
  • Scientific study is the focus as students discover particle sedimentation rates and the effectiveness of different materials to filter muddy water, and they are also learning about managing erosion in construction areas.
  • An environmental Webquest introduces students to highway and city planning while they consider air quality, water quality, sound pollution, and habitat loss.
  • The students study the impact of a new highway on their community  and then, in a mock hearing, present their solutions to the community for a “vote” of approval.