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 A Transportation & Civil Engineering Program      
The TRAC PAC II is a set of educational modules with hands-on activities designed to interest students and teachers in transportation.  TRAC PAC II has several activities related to the disciplines of math, science, social studies, and technology.  They are described below.
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{image042.jpg} Bridge Builder
How can a bridge teach math or physics? When the concepts taught in algebra, geometry, and physics classes are applied to the design and construction of bridges.  With the Bridge Builder module, students will practice the concepts a structural engineer uses to create a bridge.       
Students learn about the environment.  The topics of erosion, sedimentation, and filtration are presented to the students from the perspective of the Highway Engineer.  Students examine the environmental issues involved with highway planning.           
Mag Lev
Students put magnetic levitation cars through the paces while learning Newton’s 1st and 2nd Laws of Motion with six interactive activities.   
Motion and the Transportation Engineer
Momentum and Impulse are brought to life for students.  This Module includes lecture demonstrations and hands-on lab activities.       
Traffic Technology
These activities introduce students to the fundamentals of highway safety and traffic signal design.      
Highway Safety
This module illustrates the physics involved in traffic accidents and exposes students to traffic engineering concepts such as congestion and traffic volume and sight distance in relation to safe speed.   
Roadway Design and Construction
Students learn data visualization, law of sines, societal impact of transportation systems, and computer algorithms.     
City Planning
Students learn about the concepts of design, problem solving, critical thinking, and group decision making.