ConnDOT: Office of the State Traffic Administration (OSTA)

Office of the State Traffic Administration

The Office of the State Traffic Administration (OSTA) promulgates regulations establishing a uniform system of traffic control signals, devices, signs, and markings for public highways/roadways. The OSTA also adopts additional regulations in cooperation and agreement with local traffic authorities governing the use of state owned and maintained highways/roadways.

- Organization & Rules of Practice
- Regulations
- Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
- Frequently Asked Questions

Regulatory Items

- Major Traffic Generators
      - Administrative Decision
      - Certificate
      - Certificate and Administrative Decision List
      - GIS Map w/OSTA MTG Layer (Instructions Link)
- Passing Zones
- Signals
- Speed Limits
- Through Truck Prohibitions

OSTA Reviews

Limited Access State Highways

- Use of Limited Access State Highways
- Listing of Limited Access State Numbered Highway
- High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane Regulation
- Request to Film

Other Resources

- Do Not Block Intersection Signs & Markings - State Highways *NEW*
- Parkway Permits
- Special Event Permits

For further information, please contact:

Office of the State Traffic Administration
Connecticut Department of Transportation
2800 Berlin Turnpike
Newington, CT 06131

Phone: (860) 594-3020
Fax: (860) 594-2552

Please note that the State Traffic Administration is not involved in the following items.
All questions regarding these items should be discussed with the appropriate party as noted.
"DOT Numbers" Questions regarding DOT Numbers for commercial vehicles should be direct to the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles by visiting the Intrastate and Interstate DOT Numbers Website.
Driver Vehicle Examination Report
Roadside Inspections
Weigh Stations
Questions should be directed to the Department of Motor Vehicle at (860) 263-5446 (or the telephone number indicated on the report).
Oversize/Overweight Permits Questions should be directed to the Department of Transportation's Bureau of Highway Operations at (860) 594-2626 or by visiting the Oversize/Overweight Permit Website.
Traffic Violations (Tickets) Questions regarding traffic tickets and the processing of traffic violations should be directed to the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, Superior Court Operations Division - Centralized Infractions Bureau at (860) 263-2750.

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