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Utilities  Section

The mission of the Utilities Section is to coordinate the relocation of public utilities with the construction or reconstruction of transportation facilities.

Requests for additional information should be addressed to:
Sohrab Afrazi
Transportation Principal Engineer
Phone:(860) 594-3262

Utilities Documents and Information

Utility Company Contact List (pdf 164 kb)  
Utility Companies by Town (pdf 207 kb)
ConnDOT Utility Continuing Contractors List (pdf 73 kb)
Utility Companies Under Master Agreement (pdf 8 kb)
Utilities Section Project Assignment List (pdf 304 kb)  
ConnDOT Utility Accommodation Manual (pdf 212 kb)
Public Service Facility Policy and Procedures for Highways in CT (pdf 379 kb)
ConnDOT Utility Manual for Documenting and Billing Highway Relocation Work (pdf 1083 kb)
Projects Scheduled for Advertising
Standardized Practice for Illustrating Test Pit Data (pdf 936 kb)


Utility Conflict Matrix Form  (xlsm 26kb)
ConnDOT Utility Continuing Contractor Certification Form (pdf 254 kb)
ConnDOT Construction Forms and Publications (Including Con-40 and Con-41 Forms)
ConnDOT Invoice Summary and Processing (ISP) Form

Certificate of Compliance for Buy America Requirements - Utility Estimate (docx 18 kb)

Certificate of Compliance for Buy America Requirements - Utility Billing (docx 15 kb)

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