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Affirmative Action Plans


The affirmative action plan is a formal, written, results-oriented document that outlines specific steps the contractor/consultant will take to remedy the present effects of past discrimination and insure the full utilization of minorities, women and other protected classes within the workforce.

Prime contractors/consultants must have an approved affirmative action plan prior to being awarded a contract and subcontractors/sub consultants must have a plan approved prior to starting work.

The Division of Contract Compliance is responsible for the review and approval of all contractor/consultant affirmative action plans for ConnDOT administered projects and maintains a database of all firms with approved plans.


Affirmative Action Forms

New Firms

Annual Update

Affirmative Action Approval Checklist - Initial Submission

Cover Letter AAP
Affirmative Action Plan for New Firms Part 1   Affirmative Action Approval Checklist  

Affirmative Action Plan for New Firms Part 2

Affirmative Action Plan Update Policy
Affirmative Action Plan for New Firms Part 3 Affirmative Action Plan EEO Form 41.xls
  Affirmative Action Plan Company Data Sheet
  Affirmative Action Question and Answer Sheet
  Community Based Organizations

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