ConnDOT: Connecticut Traffic Cameras

Traffic Cameras

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The Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) provides the camera images for the Hartford Area (I-91, I-84, Rt. 2) and the I-84 Waterbury/Danbury Area (I-84, Rt. 8). The Hartford Area Waterbury/Danbury Area traffic camera images are updated approximately every five (5) minutes. To refresh the Hartford Area and Waterbury Area images, you must refresh your browser.

TrafficLand, in partnership with ConnDOT, is providing the camera images for the I-95 Corridor including I-91 New Haven Area and the I-395 Norwich Area. I-95 Corridor traffic camera images are live images displayed at approximately 2 seconds intervals.

Camera Location Description

Each camera location description provides a camera number, town, nearest down stream exit using the same direction of travel as the camera location and nearest cross street to the camera location.

The following are abbreviations used in the camera location descriptions:

NB (Northbound), SB (Southbound), EB (Eastbound) or WB (Westbound)


N/O (North of ), S/O (South of ), E/O (East of ) or W/O (West of )


I. (Interstate), Rt. (Route), Hwy. (Highway), Rd. (Road), St. (Street), Ave. (Avenue), Ln. (Lane), Blvd. (Boulevard), Tpke. (Turnpike), Pkwy. (Parkway), Pt. (Point), Ter. (Terrace),  vic. (vicinity)


All images displayed on these pages are the property of the Connecticut Department of Transportation and may not be used without permission.  There are times that the images will display as a solid blue or black image, this may not be a problem with your browser or the camera.  ConnDOT will block out the image at times and without notice.