ConnDOT: CT Range

Range Calibration Line Information
Please read Disclaimer Below. Contains Important Information Regarding Use Of Range Lines.

Permits must be obtained for the following base lines (Colchester/Lebanon and Winchester
The permits are within the pdf booklets found below. They must be filed with the respective districts and in your possession prior to using the Ranges. With the permits are several guidelines that must also be abided by.
Failure to do so could result in severe penalties.

The survey instrument calibration ranges have been established by the CT Geodetic Survey of the Department of Transportation in cooperation with The National Geodetic Survey for surveyors to test their instruments and ensure the accuracy of their survey measurements. With your help, these vital range lines will stay in pristine condition and be able to be used many years into the future. If you use the range, please report any damage or problems you encounter. Your help will keep these ranges in use.

Choose 1 of the 5 Ranges
That best suites your needs

Route 2 (Eastbound Lane)
District 2
Permits Phone: (860)-823-3230

New Haven
Long Wharf Drive

Route 5

West Hartford
Flatbush Ave.

CT Route 8 (Northbound Lane)
District 4
Permits Phone (860)-585-2795