ConnDOT: Central Surveys

Central Surveys



Manages, directs, and coordinates all State right of way boundary maps, Preparation and review of Departmental Property Acquisition and Release Maps, Geodetic Surveys/Connecticut Coordinate System, Photogrammetric Mapping, State Line Perambulation and the coordination of all Departmental and consultant survey activities.


Requests for additional information should be addressed to:


Robert J. Baron, P.L.S.
Manager of Survey Operations
Phone: 860-594-2509 


ConnDOT, Central Surveys

2800 Berlin Turnpike

P.O. BOX 317546

Newington, CT 06131-7546 





Responsible for overseeing all geodetic control and GPS Base Stations.

Transportation Supervising Engineer - Vacant
Phone: 860-594-2516


Rudy Morin, P.L.S.

Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: 860-594-2523





Responsible for overseeing all location and traffic surveys, Property Acquisition maps and all photogrammerty. All Consultant survey work is managed through this section.


Michael Coleman

Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: 860-594-2526


Scott Elsdon

Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: 860-594-2520



Boundary /

Right of Way 

Responsible for the oversight and preparation of the State's highway boundary maps, Excess Property Release and Lease mapping.


Christine Aubrey, P.L.S.
Transportation Principal Engineer
Phone: 860-594-2514


Thomas J Benoit, P.L.S.

Transportation Engineer 3
Phone: 860-594-2519




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Updated 10/04/2012