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The Subcontractor Approval section within the Office of Construction is responsible for ensuring that requests for approval are processed in accordance with the guidelines listed below. Subcontractors are approved on an individual basis for ConnDOT construction projects. Subcontractors must be approved for each project prior to beginning work on that project.

Prime contractors seeking to have subcontractors approved for projects they are working on should follow the procedure listed below. Prime contractors are responsible for obtaining and completing the applicable forms (found on this page). Instructions and Guidelines for completing the CLA-12 forms are also found on this page. Please contact Nelio Rodrigues with any questions.

Subcontractor Approval Process

In accordance with the Standard Specifications, Article 1.08.01 – “Transfer of Work or Contract”, Contractors and Subcontractors are required to receive written permission prior to subletting, selling, transferring, assigning or otherwise disposing of any portion of the contract work. This applies to all subcontractors and as such, contractors are required to submit all requests to subcontract on the form CLA-12, or as indicated below for truckers. A CLA-12 shall be completed for producers, manufacturers, truckers and services when they are SBE and DBE certified in the State of Connecticut.

In order to address varying payment arrangements, the “Subcontractor Approval” form (CLA-12) needs to be completed accurately by the Prime Contractor to identify the breakout of work to subcontractors and lower tier subcontractors by item for each project and sub-project. This information must reference the appropriate Project Number(s) and other information as indicated on the CLA-12 form. The “Line Item Category Report” is typically provided to you at the beginning of each project or may be requested from the ConnDOT Project Engineer.

As of January 1, 2014, only the current Form CLA-12, dated September, 2013, will be accepted. This form replaces all previous versions of this form. All submittals on previous forms will be returned.

If the request for approval is for a SBE or DBE subcontractor, a copy of the legal contract between the prime and the subcontractor must be submitted along with the request for subcontractor approval. The Contractor and Subcontractor are required to comply with the applicable SBE or DBE provisions. The Department also reserves the right to request a subcontract agreement for any subcontractor, at any time, regardless of DBE/SBE status.

The following additional paperwork is also required:

  • Ethics Affirmation (Form 6); for more information about the form, visit
  • Affirmative Action Plan Statement (AAP); for more addiotional information or to submit required paperwork, contact the Division of Contract Compliance at (860) 594-2169 or by fascimile at (860) 594-3016.
  • Certified Payrolls, in accordance with Standard Specifications, Article 1.05.12 - Payrolls (PDF 70KB).
  • FHWA 1273
  • Title 6
  • Debarment

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