ConnDOT: Permission to Film on Limited Access Highways

Filming on Limited Access Highways
In Connecticut, the Office of the State Traffic Administration (OSTA) regulates the use of limited access state highways and as such, filming on these highways may be allowed under Section 14-298-250 of the OSTA regulations titled “Authorized Tasks”.

Using a limited access highway for filming in Connecticut involves a two step process.

First, approval from the OSTA granting permission to perform a specific task on a limited access highway (i.e. film movie scenes) is necessary. An application entitled “Request Permission to Film on Limited Access Highways Application” (doc 74 kb) must be filled out completely and submitted to the OSTA at a minimum of 30 days prior to the anticipated filming date(s). Initial contact must be made with the appropriate Department of Transportation (DOT) district office and state police troop, associated with the town(s) in which you intend to be filming, prior to submitting the application. The purpose of this is to review the intended filming locations so as to flush out any possible issues or concerns prior to submitting to the OSTA. (Maps indicating the towns associated with the various district offices (pdf 376 kb) and state police troops (pdf 262 kb), as well as contact phone numbers, are included with the aforementioned application.)

Second, upon receipt of an application, the Department’s Division of Traffic Engineering, on behalf of the OSTA, will commence review of the request.  Upon conclusion of the review, a report will be prepared detailing under what conditions the use of the limited access highway will be allowed and will be presented to the OSTA for approval.  The approved report is known as the OSTA Task Approval Report. Once an approval is granted, it will be necessary to apply for and receive an encroachment permit from the appropriate District Office prior to beginning the filming operation. Additional detail will likely be required prior to issuance of an encroachment permit. The District office will be responsible for ensuring that all the limitations and conditions noted in the OSTA task approval report are complied with. 


For further information, please contact:

Office of the State Traffic Administration

Phone: (860) 594-3020

Fax: (860) 594-2552


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