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{The Greenways license plate features symbols of trees and a meandering path, set on a gradient blue background}

Now you have a new chance to help Connecticut’s environment with the Connecticut Greenways license plate. Money from each sale will be deposited into a special fund at the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection to help develop greenways around the state. Greenways are linear open spaces that can:

  • provide corridors for the migration of birds and wildlife;
  • become trails for nonmotorized recreation, such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, even roller blading;
  • buffer rivers, streams, ridgelines, and other natural features;
  • protect scenic vistas and preserve cultural and historic resources;
  • connect existing areas of open land and recreational trails from town to town and state to state.

There are many greenways in Connecticut already. These include the Farmington Canal Trail, the Air Line and Hop River Linear State Park Trails, the blue-blazed trail system, and the Larkin State Bridle Trail. Other greenways protect our important natural resources. Many more such projects are currently being planned or developed. Your purchase of a greenway plate will help to ensure that these systems of trails and corridors will continue to grow and improve.

Someday you may be able to hop on your bike and ride from New Haven to the Massachusetts border and beyond. Or paddle a canoe on long stretches of the Housatonic and Connecticut Rivers enjoying unbroken scenic vistas. You will have safe and beautiful places for family excursions and quiet spots for getting back to nature. Find out what is happening in your city or town. Get involved. It has been said that greenways connect the places we live with the places we love. Make that connection. Buy a Connecticut Greenways license plate today!

For more information, contact the DEP Greenways Assistance Center at or the Department of Motor Vehicles at (800) 842-8222, or look it up on the website at and click on Customized Plates.

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