ConnDOT: Safety Splash

{safety a lifeong commitment}
Safety is everyone's responsibility, and for ConnDOT it is our first and foremost priority.  On this page you will find safety-related links such as bicycle safety, work zone safety, accident statistics and winter driving tips.  Feel free to take a look around, and please remember - we need your help to keep our transportation infrastructure as safe as possible.
  Transportation Safety
    Work Zone Safety 
Air Bags    Work Zone Safety Page
Bicycle Safety    Work Zone Video
Child Safety Seats  
Connecticut Safe Routes to School Program
Contact page for more information
Driving Safety Tips  
Impaired Driving
Motorcycle Safety (Rider Education Program)
School Bus Safety
Seat Belts
  Winter Driving Tips
  Other Information
Winter Driving Tips   Connecticut Traffic Accident Facts
How to deal with ice and snow  
Keep clear of plows and sanders    
Don't plow snow onto state highways    
2007 Highway Safety Annual Report (pdf 1 mb)
2006 Highway Safety Annual Report (pdf 447 kb)
2008 Highway Safety Plan (pdf 491 kb)
2007 Highway Safety Plan (pdf 776 kb)

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