ConnDOT: Policy on New Product Evaluation at Connecticut DOT

Policy on New Product Evaluation at Connecticut DOT
  • The Department shall through research assure that new and innovative materials, products, and processes, which offer cost-effective solutions to Department needs or problems are evaluated for merit.
  • New materials, products, and methods that promise improvement or greater economy in transportation services shall be evaluated. Such evaluation will involve cooperative efforts in the part of industry and the Department. In this collaboration, the establishment of an atmosphere of mutual respect is essential. Industry representatives shall be given equal opportunity to present their product or process. It is stressed, however, that the Department will not engage in product evaluation unless an adequately developed, screened, tested, and marketable product or process is offered

Connecticut DOT Qualified Product List Report (pdf 545 kb)

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Department Contact for Product Evaluation
Andrew J. Mroczkowski  
Email: Andrew Mroczkowski  
Telephone: (860) 594-3296  
Fax: (860) 594-2866 


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