ConnDOT: Connecticut Impact Attenuation System - A Crash Cushion
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Connecticut Impact Attenuation System - A Crash Cushion



Gating terminals allow controlled penetration along a portion of its length.  For example, Energy Absorption Systems manufactures a gating system called Universal Barrels (a.k.a. Fitch Barrels).

{Sand-filled plastic barrels are an example of a gating terminal}     

Non-Gating terminals provide full redirection capabilities along its entire length.  Connecticut DOT provides free plans for a non-proprietary non-gating system called the Narrow Connecticut Impact Attenuation System (NCIAS).

{Narrow Impact Attenuation System installed in New Zealand}


Unique Redirective-Gating Attenuator

Firstly. when a vehicle impacts near the back of the CIAS, it "redirects" the vehicle away from the fixed object, so this is its redirective capability.

Secondly, the CIAS "captures" vehicles impacting at or near the nose and along its sides.  This is the gating capability of the CIAS.

{CIAS new installation at Exit 32A on I-91}

The Department Contact for the research project, "'350' Crash Testing of Connecticut Impact Attenuation Systems" is Ms. Dionysia Oliveira [, Telephone: (860) 594-3279; Facsimile: (860) 594-2494].  This research was conducted in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration.

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