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Roadway Information Systems, Bureau of Policy and Planning, Connecticut Department of Transportation, 2800 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06131-7546
Telephone: (860) 594-2089; Fax: (860) 594-2866; E-mail:

{New} What's New  Autumn/Winter 2017


    • Take advantage of the AASHTO TC3 trainings made available by the Research Section!
      TC3 on-line training courses are available in the categories of construction, materials, maintenance, traffic and safety, pavement preservation and employee development. CTDOT personnel can access the training 24/7, start and stop sessions to fit their schedules, as well as print personalized certificates. The registration process is easy to follow.

    • The U.S. Department of Transportation unveiled the Research, Development and Technology Strategic Plan for FY2017-2021. The Strategic Plan strongly emphasizes U.S. DOT efforts to promote the deployment and adoption of research results by integrating technology transfer throughout the Research and Development process.  It describes how the Department’s Technology Transfer Program and each Operating Administration’s Technology Deployment strategies address the FAST Act requirement to specify how research findings will be used to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of transportation systems. Cross-modal research and collaborative initiatives in the areas such as alternative fuels, climate change, new emerging technologies etc. are also highlighted.

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