ConnDOT: Community Advocacy Unit
Bureau of Public Transportation

Community Advocacy Unit

The Community Advocacy unit acts as a conduit to the public providing information/overview of Public Transportation programs that may be considered for implementation by the general public.

The unit represents the Department of Transportation, Bureau of Public Transportation on several Interagency Committees/Task Forces.

Via public outreach, the unit coordinates Public Transportation programs with the various committees addressing specific needs and transportation objectives.

This unit is the liaison for Connecticut Public Transportation Commission (CPTC) providing support while coordinating the CPTC public hearings and Annual Report.

Respond to e-mail and telephone inquiries, questions, or actions in regard to Public Transportation issues in relation to the respective committees or the community at large.

The Community Advocacy Unit oversees Operation Lifesaver, a program dedicated to improving public safety by reducing the number or injuries and fatalities associated with highway-rail grade crossing crashes and incidents of railroad trespass.

Reviews, analyzes and interprets draft regulations for Livery, Bus and Taxi regulation changes submitted by staff.

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