ConnDOT: Section 5310 Program - Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

Bureau of Public Transportation

Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

(Federal Section 5310)

The application period for the Section 5310 Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities grant program using Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2014 funding is now open. Please click on the Application Materials link below to review the application instructions, download the application and learn how to submit it. Applications are due by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, 05/08/2015.

For the FFY 2013 cycle, the Connecticut Department of Transportation received applications requesting over $5.3 million in funding. All applicants from the FFY 2013 cycle have been notified of the award status of the grant and a listing of awarded recipients can be found on BizNet, the State’s Contracting Portal, here.

The FFY 2013 awards cycle was the first using Section 5310 funds appropriated from MAP-21 legislation, which consolidated the former Section 5310 program (Transportation for Elderly Persons and Persons with Disabilities) with the Section 5317 program (New Freedom Program). Eligible recipients included private non-profit organizations, operators of public transportation, and state or local governmental authorities that are approved by the State to coordinate services for seniors and persons with disabilities and certified that there are no non-profit organizations readily available in the area to provide service.

Please click on the links below to learn about the program and this year’s application cycle using FFY 2014 funding.


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