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CTfastrak is Connecticut's new bus rapid transit system.

CTfastrak isnít just a road for buses.  It is a system of routes that uses the bus-only roadway for all or a portion of the trip. It is overlaid on the existing CTtransit bus system. CTfastrak buses are able to exit the bus-only road at certain locations to deliver people directly to their destination. 

When buses get to Hartford, they donít stop at Union Station and turn around. Some routes exit at Sigourney Street Station and circulate along Sigourney, Farmington, Asylum, and around downtown. Other routes exit at Union station and do a smaller loop through the downtown area. One of the routes exits at Sigourney and turns towards Capitol Avenue first, then up Main street and across to East Hartford and Manchester.

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CTfastrak began operations on March 28, 2015. To promote the new service and encourage trial use, no fare was charged for the first nine days of service.

CTfastrak was designed as a "proof of payment" system which includes all-door boarding at stations to reduce dwell times and improve operational efficiency. Vehicles used in CTfastrak service include state of the art Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) technology to accurately measure passenger boarding and alighting. 

Ridership figures for April, 2015 should not be used in trend analysis due to the free trial period and some start-up issues surrounding the calibration of the automatic passenger counters.

CTfastrak was designed to work in conjunction with existing CTtransit local and express routes to improve mobility of people through the corridor south and west of Hartford. To gain a better picture of overall mobility, ridership is reported for both the CTfastrak and pre-existing "baseline" CTtransit routes in the corridor.

CTfastrak Ridership | May 2015

Total CTfastrak Local (100-series) Passenger Trips  182,894
Total CTfastrak Express (900-series) Passenger Trips    13,266
Total Baseline (31/33, 37/39, 41, 69) Local Routes 161,453
Total Corridor Passenger Trips  357,613
Average Weekday CTfastrak Local Passenger Trips     6,960 
Average Weekday CTfastrak Express Passenger Trips        615
Average Weekday Baseline Local Routes     6,624 
Average Weekday Total Corridor Passenger Trips  14,200 
Average Saturday CTfastrak Local Passenger Trips    5,445 
Average Saturday CTfastrak Express Passenger Trips       107 
Average Saturday Baseline Local Routes    4,085 
Average Saturday Total Corridor Passenger Trips    9,638 
Average Sunday/Holiday CTfastrak Local Passenger Trips   2,849 
Average Sunday/Holiday CTfastrak Express Passenger Trips        71
Average Sunday/Holiday Baseline Local Routes   1,173
Average Sunday/Holiday Total Corridor Passenger Trips   4,093

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